Perhaps the best way to enjoy the unique atmosphere in Capo Cucina and the fine craftsmanship of Romano is to indulge in a private dinner. You will have the complete cooking studio at your personal disposal and you can enjoy a delicious four- or five course dinner in Italian style. If you feel like you can also take a look in the kitchen and listen to a full explanation of how your dishes will be prepared.

Capo Cucina offers different four- and five course dinners with a suitable wine arrangement of Italian quality wines. All ingredients are fresh and carefully selected, and where possible naturally biological and organic.

An Italian dinner commences with a traditional antipasti, followed by the primo, secondo and dolce. There then follows a fifth course of Formaggi which is possible to be served should you desire so. The menu will be designed and decided together with you, based on your preferences or special wishes. Of course there is also the option to surprise you!

In the living room restaurant there is space for 32 people at the well designed tables. Another opportunity could be to have a standing or walking dinner for bigger groups up to 50 people where you can think of little dishes to be prepared and served.